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Blood orange (and lime) marmalade recip-ish
I missed the Sevilles this year, but blood oranges make lovely marmalade. As usual I looked at a few recipes and mashed some of the methods together.
Last night: zest of one lime & juice of two and juice of one lemon went into a bowl; 850g of blood oranges (six oranges) got sliced up fine and went in too (halved, then cut each half into three crescents, then sliced); then added water just to cover and put in fridge overnight. Trimmings & pips soaked too, separately.
Today: boiled up the pith & pips, then squished them through a sieve to extract bitterness & pectin (the marmalade would be more beautifully clear if I'd just let this drip through the sieve, but I like the complexity that the sieved goop adds.) Added goop and 600g sugar (with a sachet of pectin mixed through it) to the oranges, and boiled gently uncovered for about 3/4 hour, till it had reduced a bit, the peel was translucent, and it was setting. Tasted for sweetness; I thought I'd add another couple of hundred grammes of sugar, but it only needed a teeny bit.
Put it into sterilised jars.
Licked spoons, jam funnel, pan, etc.

I went to Dublin recently for a conference recently and had a couple of days to go round the city as well, which was very nice. May well go back. There were a bunch of (e)books that I'd been waiting for that published recently, so I got them to read on the plane etc. and then had very little time to read them, so I'm still going through them, which is nice; I really enjoyed the Rachel Neumeier's The Keeper of the Mists, Seanan Mcguire's Indexing sequel, T. Kingfisher's Snow Queen retelling (I think it's called The Raven And The Reindeer), The Sleeping Life by Andrea Host (still waiting impatiently for Tangleways though!) and the final Fairyland book from Catherynne Valente. Also Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen; not the best Bujold ever, but still nice, and I do like books about grown-ups. My pre-order of the new Raksura book should arrive any day too.


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