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Playlist shuffle meme sheepery

Comedy playlist:
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(… pretty representative, yes- though no Mitch Benn, who's at the top of my "most plays" list. The first one of his in the shuffle seems to be "West End musical" at no. 18.)

Background music playlist:
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(also pretty representative, in that it's fairly incoherent- I've never collected one genre or another, it's just what I happened to hear and quite like at some point.)
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As usual- fairly sketchy, mainly to trigger my memory.
Friday (arrived in the evening)
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Reading Wednesday

Currently reading: Consuming Passions by Judith Flanders- it's about leisure and consumption in Victorian England- it actually goes back earlier than the Victorians a lot, to show where the trends came from. Really enjoying it. Also Let's Stay Married by Basil Boothroyd, which is a comic take on self-help. And I'm slowly working my way through the short stories in the Women Destroy Science Fiction! issue of Lightspeed, which have all been good so far.

Just finished: The Travels of Ibn Battutah, (trans. Tim Mackintosh-Smith), memoirs of a great Muslim traveller of the 14th century. T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon)'s story collection, Toad Words. One of Dorothy Dunnet's Johnson Johnson mysteries. Oh, and I read Edinburgh Picturesque by RL Stevenson on the train back from Edinburgh.

Next: Maybe a Dick Francis.
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Back from Edinburgh! Wish I was still there! (I was definitely planning to not go next year. Maaayyyybe just for a weekend?)

Amount of booze, coffee and doughnuts consumed: Less than last year. Though probably only because the doughnut van wasn't there this year.
Sleep deprivation: About the same as last year
Poor planning leading to much dashing from old town to new town: Quite a lot less than last year, well done my spreadsheet skills!
Shows seen over three full days and two part days: 22 (of which 1 dance, 1 acrobatics, 20 comedy- 3 of which were instances of Alternative Comedy Memorial Society)
Days without a sore throat that hurts every time I laugh: 1
Shows missed: 4 (Decided to get up late and miss a morning one; decided to go to bed early and miss a midnight one; previous show badly overran; couldn't find venue. Like, I defy someone to walk down Victoria Street and find The Liquid Room, it DOES NOT EXIST.)
Performers making reference to the same army recruitment ad: 2
Most times seeing same performer: 3 (in own show and two mixed bills)
Unexpected onstage male nudity incidents: 2 (with a further 3 extremely revealing male skintight bodysuit incidents)
Unexpected onstage hats with rabbits on: 2

Plans to write up gigs properly: *out of cucumber error, please reboot*
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Just read:
I'm trying to catch up on the books I got for Christmas and the ebooks I got for my holiday in April. Read Eleanor Arnason's Ring of Swords (anthropological science fiction, very good) and the second Eternal Sky book, The Shattered Pillars- a very satisfactory second book, with everything getting worse for the characters but glints of hope, and I need to read Steles of the Sky *right now* to find out what happens, but it's still in hardback/expensive ebook, aargh. Also a mystery from Project Gutenberg, The Case of Jennie Brice by Mary Roberts Rinehart.

Reading: an A.J. Hall fic, and the TVGoHome book.

Will read next:
Not sure. Another Rinehart, perhaps, or a Robert Sheckley from my physical unread pile.
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ARGComFest, second bit (I realised my notes on scraps of paper are a bit out of order so I've already done a lot of the Sunday. Less to type!)
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Full-length Alternative Comedy Memorial Society at the Soho Theatre. Themes: Japanese wishing festival! Python quotes! Buttplug!
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OK, so typing this out mayyyyyy have made me decide to go to ACMS an extra time in Edinburgh, necessitating dashing from the Pleasance to the Stand's yurt in St Andrew Sq in half an hour. IT'LL BE FINE. It's not like the bridge will be crowded or anything.
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I went to ARG on Sat and Sun and then to the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society on Monday night. About 17 hours of comedy over three days, mostly a bit weird. Very much my kind of weekend.
Philosophers quoted: Wittgenstein, Derrida, Zizek (twice). 

ARG day 1, fragmentary notes of some good bits:
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Tl;dr: I had a lovely time, and you should go and see Joseph Morpurgo's show.
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Just read:
All the Dell Shannon mysteries have been republished as ebooks by an outfit called The Murder Room, and I read a couple of them that I don't have in print. Also Staynes and Storey's Goodbye Nanny Grey.

Partway through a bunch of reading-myself-to-sleep books- The Science of Discworld, Adventure on the High Teas, The Chickens are Restless, Mrs Miniver, a collection of Armando Iannucci columns and one of Paul Jennings columns.

Will read next:
Dunno. I'm in the mood for some more mysteries, something not too hardboiled but not too cozy. I'll read some fanfic on the way home and then see see what I have on the shelf that I haven't read recently.
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Cheering myself up by watching Absolutely (also available on youtube). So many blissful, ridiculous moments. And scabrous, grotty ones too. And daft songs, and madly quotable punchlines, and silly linking devices. The famous sketches are the recurring ones, like Stoneybridge and the Little Girl, but I think many of the one-offs are even better (the swanky clothes shop in series 1 is a favourite, so's the woman at the opera with her flunkies).

Buy the box set (region 0) and get excellent special features too; the commentary's great because it was done 20 years later and they're all still friends so they're taking the piss out of each other and wondering why the hell they wrote the scripts like that. ("Oh, a Don and George sketch. This'll be short, then." "Yeah, you've got time to go and get a cup of tea." "You've got time to go and have a three course meal."
"Ah, now this one's biting satire." "No it's not, it's about shoving a giraffe up your arse."
"Oh, more squalor."
"Is this kid's TV, or are you just trying to be Morecambe and Wise?")
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Specifically, Mach comedy festival, a couple of weeks ago now. It was really nice, small and friendly. Not many hotel rooms in the town (it being a fairly small country town and all) so it's mostly hostels or camping; I was in a hostel with a bunch of the people who were doing the admin and running venues. I think another time I'd book a few less things beforehand so I had a bit more opportunity for going to some of the "surprise" events (and getting proper meals). It's mainly people trying stuff out for Edinburgh, but quite a few people were doing one finished show and one in progress.

Friday highlights:
Natasia Demetriou and Ellie White, Mike Wozniak )

Caroline Mabey, Nadia Kamil )

Sheeps, Birthday Girls, Toby )

Josh Widdecombe and Elis James, Gabby Best, John-Luke Roberts )

Freeze!, The Bearpit Podcast (Podcast)* )
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Currently reading: One of the Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr books- The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian, I think it is. Also a facsimile of the 1931 Joy of Cookery, and the book about the Ignobel Prizes.
Just read: Several other Burglar Who… books, Matilda, Death of the Necromancer, The Talisman Ring, Spirits of Glory by Emily Devenport, What Matters in Jane Austen, and Murder With Peacocks by Donna Andrews. (My tablet stopped working on the flight to America. My kindle was fine.)
To read next: Perhaps Three Parts Dead. Or some more Burglar ones.
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Because I downloaded a bunch of fic yesterday in preparation for going away next weekend, have some recs from Yuletide 2013! (They're mostly 1-2,000 words or so; they tend to the funny or fluffy rather than angsty but check each one's own tags if you're feeling fragile.)
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Akebia and wallflowers, violas and lobelias and forget-me-nots, snowflakes and white violets and sweet peas and campanula! (And dandelions).
Also the clematis that dies every winter seems not to have died this time, so perhaps it'll get tall enough to get some sun this summer and bloom next year?
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Lots of things in blossom in my garden- mini daffs, white narcissi, hyacinths, rosemary, aubretia, alyssum, juneberry, primroses, ladies mantle, violets. Oh, and the sweet peas that survived the winter are in bud…
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Reading: Heavy Ice, by Ankaret Wells. (Has lots of plot and intrigue, and very vivid settings, and societies with incompatible world views, and economics, and religions, and an ambiguous villain who's never met a problem that couldn't be solved by marrying a few more people. Favourite character: Strat, aka Hawkwood Stratagem. I want a xenoraptor who'll knock my enemies flying with a nudge of her skull. ) Also The Flavour Thesaurus and Fellowship of the Ring.

Just finished: Stained Glass Monsters, by Andrea K Host; and then a reread of her other books… she's quickly become a comfort author.

Will read next: a bunch of documentation for a meeting. And The Two Towers, of course.
(Also does anybody have any fic of Belladonna Took and the other "remarkable daughters of the Old Took" going on adventures with Gandalf?)
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I am having my arse kicked by a cold. (Given to me by an adorable toddler, I think. That'll teach me to admire friends' children.) It's at the stage where I've gone from admiring the hard work of my immune system to wishing that it would just give up and let my whole body become a virus factory because at least then I would be DEAD.

But I've done a Harry Potter rewatch, so that was fun.
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Just read: I've been on a Mercedes Lackey binge. Just finished Holy Disorders by Edmund Crispin and The Sleeping Partner by Madeleine Robins, too.
Reading: Beauty by Robin McKinley, Emma Thompson's diaries from the filming of Sense and Sensibility, With Bold Knife and Fork by MFK Fisher.
Will read next: Not sure. I've still got some things on the kindle that I got after Christmas, so probably one of them.
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sorry for never updating; i just seem to be really boring this year... it's probs just winter and sleeping ten hours a night. very dull. like, the most interesting thing that happened to me yesterday was two separate people said "hey folks, suggest [tv shows/books] to me!" and I went, "ohh, these [shows/books] fit your criteria and are awesome!" and the person ignored the comment, while replying to other people before and after me in the thread. so that was nice. who wouldn't want to read a blog post about that?

Oh, i went to halifax at the weekend. nice place, i didn't know they had a minster. cool gargoyles.

yeah so anyway. tediousness and non-blogging will probably continue. sorry. i occasionally tweet something if you want to know how DEEPLY i care about some random TV thing or other? Same username.


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