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Blood orange (and lime) marmalade recip-ish
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I went to Dublin recently for a conference recently and had a couple of days to go round the city as well, which was very nice. May well go back. There were a bunch of (e)books that I'd been waiting for that published recently, so I got them to read on the plane etc. and then had very little time to read them, so I'm still going through them, which is nice; I really enjoyed the Rachel Neumeier's The Keeper of the Mists, Seanan Mcguire's Indexing sequel, T. Kingfisher's Snow Queen retelling (I think it's called The Raven And The Reindeer), The Sleeping Life by Andrea Host (still waiting impatiently for Tangleways though!) and the final Fairyland book from Catherynne Valente. Also Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen; not the best Bujold ever, but still nice, and I do like books about grown-ups. My pre-order of the new Raksura book should arrive any day too.
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Marmalade results:
I have marmalade on my nose from licking the pan. It's SO NICE. Never buying marmalade again.
(I want to make other kinds now! Lemon and grapefruit! Kumquat and citron! Blood orange and gin!... The trouble is I only eat about one jar of marmalade a year and I now have nine pots of it. Although several of them will be Christmas presents.)

It was genuinely easy, because I have a dishwasher for sterilising the jars- I might well do tiny batches of different kinds in future, actually.
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Halfway through making marmalade (boiled oranges whole for 3 hrs yesterday; today, scraped out pith and cut up peel [v. easy]; boiled up pulp and pips [v. easy] and squeezed them in cloth to extract pectin [middling tricky, finished item will be cloudy]; put peel, pectin extract, sugar into water from boiling oranges and bring to boil [v.easy, except for stirring enough-but-not-too-much].)
I'm steering between several recipes, I think I'll boil it slowly for 15 mins and then bring up to setting temp and pot up.

Will report on results.
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Lobsterrrrrrrrr. Waaaannnnntttt. (Mmm. Grilled lobster. Might it be worth seeing if pre-cooked lobster can be improved by bunging the flesh over the coals for a minute, I wonder?)
(Sorry, vegetarians.)
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May. 17th, 2007 03:09 pm
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A couple of things that turned out well recently. Sorry about your-grandmother's-cookbook style, but I wasn't measuring anything. Read more... )
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The trip to Ikea (many thanks, Tim) was not as epic as expected, although the last time I was in a car that full it was a van, and I got everything on my list and nothing besides. Boring things like folding chairs, and, most importantly, nine bookcases. Nine. That is how many bookcases I now have to assemble. (Well actually two are done, with only the average number of amusing shelves-wrong-way-round incidents. I did for a while yesterday come to the conclusion that it was physically impossible to put an IVAR together and people who seemed to have managed it lived in houses where there were strange localised optical illusions, probably brought on by hallucinogens found only in book dust. But I'm better now.) When they are set up they must be populated, oh happy fun. Then the house will look very odd as it will have floor space instead of pile-of-boxes space. So in fact, yay.

Comedy yay- Dan Clark in Leeds )

Maya is owning my brain even more and reviewing YAs. Spoilers for Elidor and The Queen of Attolia, originally hidden by lj-cuts but I can't work out how to link it like that.
Eragon: "I mean, if we wrote when we were fifteen (and I did) we wrote like this (and I did). A book is going to come out stilted if you're that young, unless you are a Super Genius In Style of Mozart. And a book is often going to come out - uncannily reminiscent of other books this young writer has read. (See: Tolkien's and David Eddings' Secret Lovechild In the Attic.)"

The enormous vat of courgette and squash soup I made yesterday (while listening to Bill Hicks, now that was cognitive dissonance) will last even longer than I thought as I'm going out several evenings this week. It's nice, but has anybody got any thoughts on what might be interesting things to chuck into a small potful of reheating soup to make it taste a bit different from last night? (Current notions: bacon, cheese, peas, heap of herbs. Not currants. That might be interesting, or it might be ickyuckpleh and that would be a waste of soup.)
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I was quite bored yesterday. I was bored while watching a Muppet movie, which is frankly worrying. But happily it wore off. I made a rather nice stew for supper, with rosemary-flavoured dark chocolate in it; vague recipe here, ) so that was cheering. Also the film left me with "When you're a professional PIIIIrate... you don't have to wear a suit!".

Today is a happy, not-boring day. Just delivered, I have an old comedy series to watch at lunchtimes this week. If I can resist staying late and watching it all this evening. Ooh, the pretty funny boys.
("Am I mad?" moment last night. Why, why was I talking to my mother about slash? Whose life was improved by this? [Lust Over Pendle and its sequels are my favourite Potter fanfics. Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing... Rat? is very funny. These are not exactly surprising or novel favourites to have, of course, but who cares?])

Too also as well, I have a new jacket, and a new stripey scarf (stripes!) and lovely, lovely new trainers. And I've got tickets for three excellent shows this week. Altogether, much too good a mood for a Monday.

I have a really compelling idea for an icon. I only need to learn how to make icons, grab a load of screencaps, actually put it together...


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