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I am periodical, cold-ridden (the sort of cold where you have to sleep sitting up or you DROWN), cold, hungry, overworked and grumpy (I was going to a gig tomorrow in York and they cancelled it, like, yesterday. Now I have to decide if I feel like having a night in York anyway- which, I mean, yes, York, but floods, and see above re: feeling like Death From Snot.) It is the perfect day to wade through tumblr! This picture alone has cheered me up enough to go and make myself some lovely soothing porridge. [Warning! Half-naked men!]

Also I have done all my Christmas shopping already. (Easiest Year Ever, because we've been told to do homemade stuff and I made marmalade in January. Mwahahaha.)
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Given that nearly everyone who wants to know about the wedding was either there or has had their ear bent already, I'll just say:
TYVM to Andrew for the lifts; weather remarkable for December in the Peak District; bride beautiful, groom and attendants scenic in kilts; was pleased with own outfit; caught up with lots of old friends; danced with tall dark stranger; played Happy Families with the bridesmaids and Scrabble with the band; no hangover; train onwards as painless as one could realistically expect. It was all very nice and filled me with a deep wish never to do it myself.

(I'm sure it wasn't anybody there's fault that I've now got a cold and Sibling has flu. Not ideal though.)

Anyway. I've rattled a few parcels and I know I'm getting at least one DVD, a couple of books and some chocolate, so roll on tomorrow. Goodnight all!


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