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I am, as my loyal readers will know, definitely not the kind of person who becomes so obsessed with performers that I will track down and watch avidly any old rubbish that they're in for five minutes. That is not a thing that I do, at all.

In other news, I saw an ad on the side of a bus giving some of the casting for Horrid Henry: The Movie, and immediately went to see it. It was quite a bit better than I expected, actually. I liked the plot being driven by a wicked private school headmaster (Richard E Grant, who is probably still finding splinters of scenery in his teeth) trying to get a local primary school shut down so the parents would have pay to to send their kids to his school.
Jo Brand was rather wasted- I think her dinner-lady character had one line, unless you count "Stew. Vegetable stew," as two lines; Noel Fielding's rock star character was effective; Anjelica Huston's English accent was impressive; I'm not sure why Mathew Horne didn't get a higher billing- his quietly resigned Dad was very watchable; I wanted to give Rebecca Front, as the headmistress, a hug. Of all the star turns, though, Dick and Dom's insanely creepy game show hosts were probably the most fun. I'm not sure if they were actually meant to be undead and have been presenting the show for 50 years or if that was just my interpretation (to be honest, what with the level of reality of the game show shifting between "TV studio with a live audience" and "magical doors that open into different rooms, or into a vast white space", I'm probably giving the back-story of the hosts more thought as I type this entry than anybody on the production did.)
Anyway. I am not sorry I saw this and will probably buy the DVD if it has some behind-the-scenes stuff on it, but I think there is only a pretty small proportion of the childless public that I could possibly recommend the film to (and by that I mean that [profile] totaldrwhofreak might enjoy it).


Jan. 29th, 2007 01:52 pm
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I don't think I'd nipped over to York for the afternoon for many years; it was nice. One of the good things about being close to somewhere is not having to do all the touristy things in one go. I'm sure I'll get back to the Minster sometime, but I spent far longer in Barnitt's than anywhere else. They have little wooden tongs for fishing toast out of toasters, if anyone needs some...
Barley Hall has got more rooms open than last time I went, and there were also a couple of period-dressed musicians there; the flute and harp duets were nice, the bagpipe was pipey.
I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to the city art museum before- some nice Japanese prints.

The NMM's cinema got A Prairie Home Companion in. It was slight, but pleasant, and somehow manages to be really feelgood despite a plot that should be quite depressing. Garrison Keillor's voice was probably my favourite thing about it, though- he's one of the short list of people who will replace all newsreaders and continuity announcers when I rule the world. (Not that there's anything wrong with Charlotte Green, but wouldn't Stephen Fry be more comforting when the world's going to hell?)


Mar. 9th, 2006 11:34 am
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Ooooooo. Shiny.

Sensible criticisms? Not at this time. Gosh, it's just lovely. There was, I think, literally one moment when I went "cool set", and the rest of the time I was completely immersed. (It was a bit distracting trying to work out who was playing the sphinxes). I came out and was still mentally in that world for about 15 minutes, like after finishing reading a really good book. The visual stuff is probably the main thing about the film, but none of the writing or acting lets it down, and for heaven's sakes, the visual stuff is so. Cool.

London folks, MirrorMask is on at the ICA for at least a couple more weeks. Go and see it.


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