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I put up a TV Tropes page for Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow; looking at it again this morning, there are a couple of wiki-internal links that aren't working, and I totally did put it on an index page! so I need to work out why it thinks I haven't. But the content is there.
Any improvements that need making? Edit it there or suggest them here. (In particular, any thoughts on good examples of it having medium awareness and no fourth wall, slapstick and surreal humour? I just went "....self-evident from the minute you turned it on, my brain hurts.") I'll go through and put pointers on the trope pages to lead to the entry once I've tidied up those non-functioning links; they charmingly refer to this as "entry pimping" but it is encouraged in moderation.
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Incoherent glee noises.

[ profile] sigmonster and our parent were here at the weekend and put on a new toilet seat for me. Oh, and we walked a lot (well, a lot for me)- a circular walk from a microbrew pub one day (rare breed sheep, a ford, a wobbling stile, a headwind that pushed my hat brim over my nose for about a mile, a clapper bridge, bilberries, and surprisingly little mud); the next day, ice-cream and a farmer's market in Settle, industrial archaeology at the Ribblehead viaduct, and deliberately walking to a cave and then not going into it. Plus we ate apple pancakes and a non-barbeque. It was lovely. And my joints didn't even hurt afterwards.
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Fun things to do in Amsterdam in January:
Go to the zoo- expensive, but there's an aquarium, planetarium and butterfly house in it as well. The herons hanging out in the penguin pool were fairly cool to see, also little lizards that looked like they were made of filigree, and some teeny teeny starfish, and baby llamas. (They could do with cutting down the number of species- there's an impressive amount of space for a city zoo, but one of the elephants was rocking.)
Go to the botanical gardens; the palm house was good, but the three-climate greenhouse with informal trails was worth the admission cost, and they had some butterflies I've never heard of with wings as transparent as dragonflies' except for white markings at the ends which made semicircles in the air as they flew.
Exhibition of Islamic arts at the Niewe Kerk. There was one set of door-knockers that for all the world looked Viking.
Rembrandt's house; catch the demos of printmaking and paint-grinding.
The Rijksmuseum; the rebuilding means the bit that's open is more doable in one go! Dollshouses with teeny delftware, as well as the Rembrandts, Vermers, etc.
Look at the canals.
Not buy anything at the flower market.
Eat winter pea soup, pancakes with slices of apple cooked into them and served with chopped candied ginger, raisin doughnuts, appelbeignets, bread with chocolate sprinkles, bami goreng, etc.

Less fun things to do:
Drive out to the beach in freezing rain- but the hot chocolate was worth it.
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Fafblog is back. Please don't go away again and leave us without the savage political outrage and pie-blogging, Faf...
'"I dunno Fafnir," says you, "I mean sure it LOOKS good what with all the nutmeg an the cinnamon an the multiple rows a inch-long retractable teeth but somehow somethin just doesn't seem right about this pie."'

I feel like I've accomplished a lot this weekend. Watched three films, of which two were LoTR extended versions. (Might post some thoughts after watching RotK.) Read two-and-a-half books and all of a Saturday paper, which normally takes me until about Tuesday. Went to two posh chocolate shops and a farmers market. (This was entirely due to a need for holiday mitbrings. I did not in any way eat barbequeued scallops and wild boar pie or get four bars of chocolate. Yumyumyum.) Spent eight hours at an AFPmeet. And oh yes, went to the shops and library and did laundry and all that sort of guff.

I had a great time at the axe murderers' online Pratchett fans' meet. I don't know how effective fans would be in the axe murdering stakes, actually- by the time they'd finished geeking about the beautifully crafted axeblade on their multitool, you could probably be in the next city. (Of course that might be their cunning plan; subtlely stick a chip in your spinal column, let you escape, and track you down later to be mercilessly mocked for not being able to rewrite the bug into a handy embedded likelihood-of-zombie-attack calculator.)
The Earl Grey chocolate vanished within about 5 seconds of hitting the table, the ginger 'n' chilli lasted a bit longer. I hadn't thought of champagne truffles, but luckily someone else remedied the omission.
We annoyed staff in pubs by rearranging tables, and in one place by building towers from the menu-holders as well (some very impressive arch-work). I was not one of those who was throwing paper aeroplanes at the towers... Most of the people there knew each other, whereas I vaguely recognised one or two faces from a couple of meets some years ago, but it wasn't cliquey, everyone was very nice and there was lots of general funny chat. Hopefully there'll be a proper report on the group sometime this week.
Must do more fannish things.


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