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Akebia and wallflowers, violas and lobelias and forget-me-nots, snowflakes and white violets and sweet peas and campanula! (And dandelions).
Also the clematis that dies every winter seems not to have died this time, so perhaps it'll get tall enough to get some sun this summer and bloom next year?
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Lots of things in blossom in my garden- mini daffs, white narcissi, hyacinths, rosemary, aubretia, alyssum, juneberry, primroses, ladies mantle, violets. Oh, and the sweet peas that survived the winter are in bud…
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Have planted all the things I needed to plant; a dozen pods of sweet peas, six alyssum, six blue and six white lobelia, six violas, five geraniums, a summer chrysanth thing, a white verbena, two sorts of marigold, an evening primrose, six snapdragons, a tree lily bulb, an eryngium root, half a dozen mixed wild flower pods which frankly I expect to die because I've never managed to successfully sow wild flowers inside and then set them out and I don't see why this year should be different, and a lot of nasturtium and sunflower seeds. And in order to put them in I had to take up a lot of the aquilegia and michelmas daisies that both overrun the garden. (And since I was pulling things up anyway I weeded dandelions.)
I think that's about 80 holes dug in two hours. And then I came in and drank a litre of water and took two ibuprofen. Oomeback.
I dithered about buying the violas but I'm very glad I did now- most of the other stuff isn't in flower yet so they're about the only thing that actually shows up as having made a difference in the back garden after all that work! Organic slugdeath is liberally scattered around so with luck the flowers might last a while before they get eaten.

In flower: violas, alyssum, hyacinths, juneberry, white narcissus, lady's mantle (oodles of it), primroses, violets, wallflowers, rosemary, aubretias, forget-me-nots just started.
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Very successful trip to the garden centre; needed geraniums, lobelias, snapdragons and alyssum, and nasturtium and sunflower seed; managed to only be additionally tempted by sea-holly, tree lily, violas, corn marigold, pot marigold, evening primrose, white verbena, and a summer chrysanth. Hooray for willpower!
(Boo for the backache I'll have next weekend when I plant them all.)
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I've just finished A Woman of the Iron People, by Elearnor Arnason, and Kage Baker's Bird of the River- now going back and reading Anvil of the World. Also partway through The Secret Feminist Cabal [1] and White's Natural History of Selbourne.

Speaking of natural history: Wallflowers have just come out (they flowered in January last year!). Miniature daffs are still going like mad, and fullsize narcissi, species tulips, hyacinths, primroses, violets, rosemary (!), juneberry, lady's mantle and aubretia.

[1] TINC


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