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So: [ profile] sigmonster was here for the weekend and we did quite enough DIY for my liking, thank you very much. My ridiculously cheap giant swivelly chair works again, which is spiffing.
Also I have been to see Yeomen of the Guard and frankly I reckon there must have been Victorian girls writing fixit fic when it first came out (there are two heroines- one of them gets a dashing soldier and the other one (spoiler!) is blackmailed into marrying a torturer; WS Gilbert at his charming best there. No terribly memorable tunes, either.)

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What sort of person gets a new boiler and doesn't get one with a timer? For serious. "No, I hate the idea of waking up in the morning and being warm! I want to go down to the cellar every time I need to put the heating on! That is what I like!"
Luckily, the plumber has found a timer for this model and can install it when he's there tomorrow putting a radiator back on (it had to come off for the damp-proofing to go on, of course!) and replacing a bit of lead piping with copper.

(And this is what I'm thinking about ALL THE TIME at the moment. I wake up at about 6 o'clock especially so my brain can devote more time to worrying about this sort of shit. Or, when it fancies a change, all the money that I'm forking out to pay for this sort of shit. It is both dull and stressful. I try to distract myself by thinking of GIANT SQUIDS [1] and the men that love them, or doing some garden planning. It sometimes works. I have not so far designed a squid-shaped garden.)

[1]When is the turning point for gigantitude in a squid? Are there, as Mason (2008) maintains, squid that are merely jolly tall?
Why are there no GIANT OCTOPUSES, anyway?

Mason, A. 2008. Where are all the lanky squid?. Personal communication, 2008-03-09. Surrey, Mason Gibberish Ltd.


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