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Ate with [ profile] sigmonster last night, a kind of noodles I hadn't had before (la mein- hand-pulled- very nice), then we saw Stewart Lee's Vegetable Stew- three 25-minute bits, in preparation for his new TV series: moving to the country; charity gigs and "a sustained personal attack on Adrian Chiles"; and the difference between comedy in the 80s and now (all with lots of digressions; also, wilful obscurity, attempting to completely alienate the audience or at least anybody who wasn't already a fan of gagless comedy- "some people would take an 8-week run in the West End as a chance to build their audience. I prefer consolidating", and a song about false observational comedy.) It was smashing. I particularly liked how he told us how useful tuning a guitar is as a shield in case the material isn't going well, and then spent ages tuning the guitar.

Earlier we had Unexpected Trip To IKEA- failed to not buy anything, but it's a very nice throw- and wrapped the first lot of presents.

And today I'm going to stay in all day and watch all the telly I missed. Lovely.
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This is something for myself about the gigs I've been to this year. Mostly just saying "this was good", so cut for boringness. The most fun in terms of being in an audience, for me, is the mid-size range; say 50-200. )
This weekend I think I'm going to a couple of things, so more reviews/memory-joggers on Monday, I guess. I'm still trying to work out what to use LJ for besides commenting on people's journals. At some point I'll probably talk about books a bit...

Note to self- do not watch second series of Spaced all in one go tonight merely because it's just been delivered. Sleep, remember? Sleep is good.


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