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The Robin Ince DVD is, indeed, excellent. I always like listening to commentaries where the performer says how terrible they are... The Tony Law DVD from Go Faster, also with the goodness.

MancAFPmeet on Sat was fun; much phone envy. (I have just been given a previously-loved [*] phone for use in America, which is brill, but it's not a particularly sqeeable one.) The arrival of the 15 Elvises added a nice surreal touch. As ever, you only get to talk to people sitting close to you, but I'm sure I'll be over that way again.
(Scarily, by the time I left, there was still chocolate left. [**])
ETA: Some photos here; you can see my hair in one of them. (Anonymous Shark is anonymous.)

I was in Huddersfield on Friday. It's nice, isn't it? (Unfair of me to be surprised by this- maybe it's having been to Wakefield recently, leaving me with low expectations.) Might go back for their market sometime.

[*]Or, in the case of this one's owner, probably previously-trodden-on-by-sheep-and-dropped-down-caves phone, but it still works. And is pink.

[**]Yes, it was the kind I'm allergic to, actually; how did you guess?
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Fafblog is back. Please don't go away again and leave us without the savage political outrage and pie-blogging, Faf...
'"I dunno Fafnir," says you, "I mean sure it LOOKS good what with all the nutmeg an the cinnamon an the multiple rows a inch-long retractable teeth but somehow somethin just doesn't seem right about this pie."'

I feel like I've accomplished a lot this weekend. Watched three films, of which two were LoTR extended versions. (Might post some thoughts after watching RotK.) Read two-and-a-half books and all of a Saturday paper, which normally takes me until about Tuesday. Went to two posh chocolate shops and a farmers market. (This was entirely due to a need for holiday mitbrings. I did not in any way eat barbequeued scallops and wild boar pie or get four bars of chocolate. Yumyumyum.) Spent eight hours at an AFPmeet. And oh yes, went to the shops and library and did laundry and all that sort of guff.

I had a great time at the axe murderers' online Pratchett fans' meet. I don't know how effective fans would be in the axe murdering stakes, actually- by the time they'd finished geeking about the beautifully crafted axeblade on their multitool, you could probably be in the next city. (Of course that might be their cunning plan; subtlely stick a chip in your spinal column, let you escape, and track you down later to be mercilessly mocked for not being able to rewrite the bug into a handy embedded likelihood-of-zombie-attack calculator.)
The Earl Grey chocolate vanished within about 5 seconds of hitting the table, the ginger 'n' chilli lasted a bit longer. I hadn't thought of champagne truffles, but luckily someone else remedied the omission.
We annoyed staff in pubs by rearranging tables, and in one place by building towers from the menu-holders as well (some very impressive arch-work). I was not one of those who was throwing paper aeroplanes at the towers... Most of the people there knew each other, whereas I vaguely recognised one or two faces from a couple of meets some years ago, but it wasn't cliquey, everyone was very nice and there was lots of general funny chat. Hopefully there'll be a proper report on the group sometime this week.
Must do more fannish things.


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