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Cheering myself up by watching Absolutely (also available on youtube). So many blissful, ridiculous moments. And scabrous, grotty ones too. And daft songs, and madly quotable punchlines, and silly linking devices. The famous sketches are the recurring ones, like Stoneybridge and the Little Girl, but I think many of the one-offs are even better (the swanky clothes shop in series 1 is a favourite, so's the woman at the opera with her flunkies).

Buy the box set (region 0) and get excellent special features too; the commentary's great because it was done 20 years later and they're all still friends so they're taking the piss out of each other and wondering why the hell they wrote the scripts like that. ("Oh, a Don and George sketch. This'll be short, then." "Yeah, you've got time to go and get a cup of tea." "You've got time to go and have a three course meal."
"Ah, now this one's biting satire." "No it's not, it's about shoving a giraffe up your arse."
"Oh, more squalor."
"Is this kid's TV, or are you just trying to be Morecambe and Wise?")
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I just started watching Freewheeling, which is a show on Dave with Ross Noble going round the country and following suggestions from Twitter about what to do next? And it was OK, quite funny... and then he turned up at a soundcheck for Eddie Izzard's show and they're doing bad impressions of each other, and Izzard went, "Oh, you're doing early me" and did an impression of *his own early persona*, and I just had to pause the show because it's all a bit too exciting. I do like being fannish about things.
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I didn't get round to putting reflective film on the skylight again today. But I took 8 1/2 hours of stuff off the PVR, so a productive Sunday anyhow.
(Three hours of that was the first six episodes of Live at the Electric from BBC3- once I realised the only thing I was interested in were the Two Episodes of Mash sketches and Humphrey Ker's The Wire parody The Van, it took very little time. I liked Lady Garden when I saw them a couple of years ago but the sketches they picked for this were quite dull. [Uncharitable comment on BBC3 comedy omitted])

I thought I had all the stuff for taking on hols but realised as I looked at last year's list that I'd got Xmas presents for the cousins but forgotten the older generations, oops. It saved me from making a start on packing because we give them calendars and they have to go right at the bottom so's not to get creased...
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In fact I'm not sure it actually exists. What rational broadcasting system would introduce an A-versus-B challenge on its children's slot by having A and B explaining that they've been friends ever since they were eggs, and illustrate this with a clip of two eggs (with eyes) kissing, with "Lovin' You" playing in the background, and then crushing themselves?

(NB video also features giggling puppeteers, an apple made from bacon fat, caster sugar and the broken dreams of a Chilean bean farmer, competitive toilet-roll-unrolling, and very unconvincing caveman wigs. I think I must have hallucinated it.)

"Dear Points of View, I think the license fee is far too low. I would gladly sell my house and all its contents to pay for the BBC. Aaaaargh! *falls out of window*"

*watches some more*
oh god bungalow reference, oh god sausages, they are trying to kill me, send floppy-haired geordie detectives at once.
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Aargh, my security settings ate my entry.

A. and I have muttered occasionally about having a Musical Episodes evening, and yesterday this came up again because I played him "Land of the Luvvies" {*}. Anyway, I said, "TV tropes must have an entry for this", I said, and so it does (Warning! TV Tropes link!). It doesn't yet have "Land of the Luvvies" listed, or "Can We Sing For a Whole Episode?" from Little Howard's Big Question, but it does have our other usual thoughts, "When Janet Met Jonny" from Two Pints of Lager, the Scrubs episode, and "Once More With Feeling", of course.

Red Dwarf's "Blue" would probably be out, because although the Arnold Rimmer song is amazing, it is actually just the one song in the episode. Whereas Flight of the Conchords, say, would be out because the whole thing is musical, so a Musical Episode isn't a departure from the norm. I'm dithering about the Mighty Boosh episodes with bands in- if they usually have a song or two, and then there's an ep with half a dozen, is that a musical ep? Let's say yes. (On that note, are there any Monty Python series episodes with more than one song in them?)

I reckon it might be slightly cheating to specially look up episodes of shows you've never watched, so that means the Star Trek, Xena, Simpsons, Futurama and South Park episodes listed on the page would be ok (I haven't watched the whole run of any of those, and I don't happen to have caught the musical episodes, but I could have done)- except it would be difficult to track them down without knowing episode names.

Anyway. There's plenty of musical episodes available for a marathon. Now, what order to show them in...?

{*} From The Legend of Dick and Dom. Mwahahaha.
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Finally got round to seeing the second Sherlock Holmes film; throwaway fun, my major quibble being that Mycroft is anything but blind to society's rules, so is he deliberately trying to offend Mary, or what? OOC, I think. for free ebooks- I like the format a bit better than Gutenberg, and it has a few more recent ones (eg the Lark Rise series).

Did anybody see the film of the Beatles on their 1964 America trip on BBC4 last night? Poor kids.

I'm watching an ep of Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old from before Xmas, and Dom has just quoted from a Reeves and Mortimer sketch. My brain! I mean, yes, it's not surprising that they would be fans, lots of us of that generation are... but I still squeaked with glee.
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I didn't mention when it was on how much I liked Holy Flying Circus, did I? Well it was excellent. And these two Yuletide fics based on it are both excellent as well.
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Sherlock spoilers: loved it until two minutes before the end...
Read more... )
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Sometimes everyone needs a friend just to tell them that everything's going to be OK. Or that there will be a new pixie in the eye of heaven.

(It's a pretty good clip right from the start, actually, as Ian's wig falls off and Dom stomps on furniture...)
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I have just seen a man on a flaming unicycle. (To clarify: yes, a unicycle that was on fire. And no, not in real life, just on the One Show.)

Why did I not know of this? Excellentness.
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OMG Fist of Fun really really is coming soon. With extras and everything. SO EXCITED. Definitely not asking for it for Xmas- I'm not waiting that long to get my hands on it!

Just watched Sue Perkins, Alison Steadman and Stephen Mangan getting adorably confused about which way is south all over Cornwall in All Roads Lead Home, which was just lovely. Highly recommend it to other UKers.

In bloom: Alyssum, lobelias, sweet peas, campanulas, red daylilies, sunflowers, pansies, violas, geraniums, crysanthemums, Michaelmas daisies, nasturtiums, autumn-flowering cyclamen, ragged robin (at least I think that's what that pink thing is). Needs harvesting before a frost: Greek basil.
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So in glvalentine's Emmys post, there was a picture of Cat Deeley, and I got all nostalgic and went on youtube. Besides finding that there's a suspiciously large number of clips called "[female celebrity] in leather trousers", my conclusions are:
Wasn't SM:TV good? Remember Chums?
Weren't PJ and Duncan shit?
... SM:TV started in 1998? What the hell was I doing watching it? Childish to a fault, I guess.
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I'm all excited becaue I've bought a 500-gig PVR. So far I haven't kept anything I recorded; our intermittent terrible reception kicked in at the wrong time (switchover in Sept should help there.) I'm out of the habit of videoing things, too! I know that of the stuff I've still got on old tapes, I actually value the ones labelled "ephemera" most- that turned out to be the stuff that isn't out on DVD or getting repeated.
So far I've got Shooting Stars and Diddy Dick and Dom on series record. Choices, choices...
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I've been rewatching my MST3K DVDs (warning, Flash-heavy site) and I think I'm going to have to get some more this summer- luckily I have collections 1-5 and they're now up to collection 20 so that shouldn't be a problem.
I must say, great as the riffing on the full-length films is, I particularly like them taking the piss out of fifties educational shorts. Wonder if anybody's done any MSTing on British public information films?
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I had some trousers altered and now I have trousers that aren't falling off me and I haven't had to go shopping.

Over the long weekend I ate at the Fountaine at Linton (yum), saw some weeny wild violas, did not go for a walk round Malham Tarn because there were many other people already doing that, watched a couple of overs of village cricket (there kept being pauses while they dashed over the bridge and across the road to get the ball back), planted marigolds and pansies, replanted sunflowers because the last lot all died, did no tidying or DIY, and watched much rubbish TV. It was very nice.

I've ordered series 3 of Naked Video, series 5 of Spitting Image, and The Best of Friday Night Live; nostalgie de la recession precedente, perhaps. (Naked Video certainly is terribly terribly Eighties, from the animation in the titles to the sketches about nuclear war, and the huge amount of parodies and references to then-current TV mean that there's a good half of it that you wouldn't get at all if you weren't here then (remember whan Taggart was in Taggart?). Perfectly OK gags if you do remember the referents, mostly, though I think the best things in it, like John Sparkes doing Siadwell- so uncharacteristically sweet!- Helen Lederer's upbeat woman, and the early Rab C Nesbitt, are the fairly timeless ones. (And breathe. Sometime I must learn to write without overlong parentheticals.))

I wish it'd rain. My waterbutt's already half empty.
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It looks from Emma Kennedy's tweets that This Is Jinsy is getting a series- yay.

In other TV news...
There's a series, right, that I'm really really liking and would love to read fic for. It's not terribly surprising, because it ticks an awful lot of my boxes; there's a male double-act who are really comfortable with each other (and cute), and it's set at a theatre- they get in current comedy groups to do a sketch (Pappy's and Idiots of Ants have both been on), and then there are backstage antics as well, and then on top of that they do another layer of backstageness like pointing out when sombody's had to have his lines written on a board. And the writers keep doing homages to the 1948 Show/Python custard pie comedy lecture sketch, and the Adam and Joe soft toy film sketches, and so forth. It's just silly, and great fun, and very very slashable.

And um. Look, it's Dick and Dom's Funny Business, OK? I just- when Dick kissed Dom's finger better in the latest episode, I just knew that for most of the sketch shows I like, there would have been a kink meme set up before the episode finished showing, and I was saddened. (I may have watched all of The Legend of Dick and Dom episodes on iPlayer in an attempt to desadden. You can't prove anything.)

I'm sure that there's a lot of other people who love this. It's just that they're all under twelve and fairly unlikely to be writing the sort of stories I'm after...
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If Robin Ince talking about Kafka for three minutes including a moment of lying on a bed and then sitting up looking all tousled *hides screencap* is relevant to your interests, here's the 4OD link- the segment starts at 7min 20sec. (Pervy Ince fanciers form a queue at 9:11.)
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Damn, I had an entry written and it disappeared when I tried to preview it. Still working out the wrinkles in NoScript.

So, shorter: The Klang Show last night; unpleasant, crude, stupid, unprofessional and very funny. If you can get iPlayer, you should probably watch it. (Not you, Mum.) I was rocking with horrified laughter.

I particularly like the way they have to suppress giggles all the time, the slapstick, and how they- well, you know how double-acts and sketch groups have to mention the homoerotic thing these days? They blow it out of the water. What's the opposite of fanservice?

(I feel like the Python parody of Clive James; "Watch this. You'll hate it. It's amazing. But awful. Wow.")
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I posted a massive rant about topping up a T-mobile dongle and found the original top-up card a couple of days later. D'oh. But their staff training, website and phone helpline are still shit so I'm not that eager to give them any more money anyway.

Um, er, also... oh, yes, a lovely weekend with [profile] devongarden last weekend- we didn't do anything touristy, just lots of gardening and hanging out, and it was really nice.

I'm feeling a bit boring. I think the trouble is that I'm between obsessions- no more Who till Christmas, the new series of Top Gear is fun but I'm not in massive squee mode over it any more, and I've run out of Bottom (ha ha). I'll have to go through the DVDs again to find something nice and voluminous. (Red Dwarf's always reliable but I don't want to end up actually knowing all the lines. Absolutely? Drop the Dead Donkey? Buffy?) And there are a bunch of new books by authors I like, but they're mostly still in hardback, and anyway a book only lasts a couple of hours and I want something I can immerse myself in for days (with a bit of rationing it out to give myself some rewards to look forwards to!)- but on the other hand, the thought of a hundred hours of Collings and Herrin podcasts seems like far too much of an effort to get through. Seek out something new or fall back on rubbishy comfort food for the brain like Mercedes Lackey where you can zoom through 20 books all with the same plot.... Oh I dunno. I do miss London, I'd really like to have a massive choice of people preparing their Edinburgh shows right now.
And! I had to rescan my freeview box and Dave+1 has now dropped off (I never got Dave in this house.) Yes indeed, my choice of rolling news channels to be depressed by has now gone up to five (BBC, ITN, CNN, Russia Daily or something and now Al-Jazeera), all the blasted shopping channels are still there, but no more reruns of HIGNFY and QI. Grr.

At least it's looking like it might rain. (Not sarcasm. I like cool and damp. No sunburn, no watering the garden!)
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Missed the start of the series about the Natural History Museum last night but by the miracle of modern life watched it today... fascinating to see the collections behind the scenes. All layman's-terms stuff, of course, but not annoyingly so, and not too much zany camerawork. Will definitly catch the resto fo the series.

Also, The Bubble- last night's was a big improvement on the start of the series- relaxing and having fun with it, I guess; and how refreshing to get two female comedians at once! A panel game with two men (host + one guest) and two women! You don't necessarily even realise how used you are to male host, two teams of three men- the absolute max is one woman per team- [1] until you see one that isn't. (There were two female guests last week, as well, come to think of it. Julia H-B isn't a comedian though.)
Didn't pass the Bechdel test, but then all of the guests were mostly talking to David, not to each other. ETA: Ooh, maybe Brand and Long did talk to each other in the Ghost Watch bit? Does talking about a poltergeist count? YES IT DOES. I shall have to rewatch now to check. OMG, how exciting!
(Josie is wearing a home-made Nye Bevan t-shirt. Best thing ever.)
(Also, Tim Key is flirting with David like a massive flirt.)

Does anybody have a sekrit download of this show? I may want to keep it forever.

([1]To be fair Buzzcocks did occasionally rise to four men and three women.)


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