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It has been drawn to my attention that there is a new channel on Freeview 19. It is called Dave (no, really) and, although supposedly aimed at 18-34 males, its evening offerings include Buzzcocks, Have I Got News, QI, Top Gear, Alan Partridge and Whose Line, so it may be of interest to comedy fans generally and filthy slashers.
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Mock the Week, new series, starts tonight. Shiny. (Link has clips so furriners can see what they're missing.)

If the icon's veeeeery subtly different the next time you see it, it isn't subtle psychological warfare designed to eventually subjugate you to my will, [*] but just that I did manage to work up some enthusiasm for spending hours moving the mouth about a millimetre because it would be BETTER THERE, DAMMIT.

[*] Plan 2,701:
1) Modify userpics a teeny bit each time they're used so f'list feel slightly uneasy without really knowing why
2) ?
3) Rule world with army of zombie slaves
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Map/comedians mashup.

ObTorchwoodRef )Liked it, will watch more and see if I become completely hooked.
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I was too groggy last night to fully articulate the dire threats of what will happen next time I'm rung up at practically midnight[*] when I have to get up early. Please, won't somebody think of the smiting???

Um, went to see Sean Hughes on Friday; it was OK. The man has no top lip, which was a bit distracting. Audience banter probably the best part (discovery that an Irish punter worked at the BM was funny).

Watched the first episode of Star Cops, an eighties show whose premise you can probably guess, on Saturday. Enjoyed it. Also enjoyed mocking the new Robin Hood. (Hairstyles, weapons, clothes, feudal system cockups, New Age Sensitive Hero, the lot.) The Sherriff seems to be the best reason to watch it, as usual.

[*]Well, only an hour and a half off
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so [personal profile] sigmonster and I went to the recording, on Tuesday, of the Mock The Week that'll be on BBC2 tonight; it was lots'o'funny. It'll be interesting to see it, partly because Robin Ince was a bit stiff at the start and didn't say much (it was his first time) but warmed up nicely; will they edit it so he has a higher proportion of lines aired than recorded?

Unconfirmed Good But Scary news today; update next week.


Jun. 14th, 2006 01:20 pm
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Went to see a recording of a new sketch show called "Blunder" last night; mixed feelings. This was the first time I'd been to see a recording with acting and costumes and sets and stuff, and special effects in the raw- a smoke-bomb goes off, the actor steps back, and from one particular camera angle he's vanished in a cloud of smoke- and all that was interesting, anyway. They would record a couple of sketches using the same set and then all the dressing that had made it into a bar would be whipped off and it got turned into an ice-cream parlour while they were changing costume, that sort of thing. Lots of crew zooming around magically keeping out of each others' way.

Read more... ) I think when it's all edited together it'll be worth watching.

Wonderful cloudy day. Hooray for dampness and coolth. (Maybe I was a frog in a previous life?)
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Went to a recording of QI yesterday. Not "yesterday evening", as most shows tend to be. Oh no. When I applied for the tickets, the recording was scheduled for 7 o'clock. Found out through [profile] qi_fans (not via an email from the company, or anything) that it had been moved to 5. Luckily both [personal profile] sigmonster and I could rearrange things. The huge studio (800 people?) was full, so clearly lots of others could as well. A very mixed audience- we were behind two vicars in the queue, who were behind a group of goths.
The warm-up man told us why the time had been changed. Alan Davies is an Arsenal fan, and was going to their game v. Villareal in the evening...
Anyway. It was all very funny, the panellists keeping on being amusing even during the pick-ups when there's no chance they'll be aired, which is always nice. My face ached from laughing afterwards. The questions were mostly about danger (this is the first of the "D" series), but of course, lots of digressions. I liked a discussion about legless ducks (they could stick one wing up like a sail, like this...) After Alan had zoomed off to his car and they were redoing the last few of Stephen's links ("I said that wrong again? Oh, I'm crap. Kill me now") Sean Lock had a big "argument" with the empty chair. Which was amusing. It won't be aired till Autumn, hopefully I'll have a functioning video of some kind by then.
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Have a nice link. Lots of clips from Q.I., a very funny quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry. No subtitles, of course, and the video quality is pretty bad. Still, until they bring out a DVD...

New series happening this year. There seems to be a lot of good stuff on at the moment, actually.

Stephen Fry: Where is ninety percent of the universe?
Jeremy Hardy: Ikea.

Alan Davies: See, in Ikea they don't have any windows. They don't sell windows either, but you can't see out so you just lose track of time, you've got no idea how long you've been in there. You could be in there for weeks... and if your body spends too long without being exposed to natural light -
Bill Bailey: You buy spoons.

(From series 1, episode 2)


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