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So far today I've fallen over twice in five yards (on a freshly-washed shop floor, clearly I either need to wear my other shoes or stay away from clean floors); found out I sent a cheery "accept whatever meeting time you want!" email to the wrong person, who needs to come to a completely fixed appointment time; and walloped myself in the nose with my headphones. I think I want to go home and eat cake. (And listen to Pappy's Bangers and Mash podcasts which I have suddenly developed a massive fixation on. Very comforting to giggle over with a cup of tea.)

My sweet peas are still flowering. So that's nice.


Aug. 22nd, 2012 10:09 pm
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I've just spent the best part of three days cleaning the house because family are coming to visit, including my stepmother, who is a lovely woman but has STANDARDS. Two binbags full and the recycling bin up to the brim with paper (GOD WHY DO PEOPLE POST ME THINGS, FUCK OFFFFFF WITH YOUR BROCHURES AND BANK STATEMENTS AND BIRTHDAY CARDS, ALL IN FRIGGING ENVELOPES THAT NEED THE FUCKING ADDRESS TEARING OUT BEFORE YOU CAN CHUCK THEM, AND THEN WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE FUCKING BITS WITH THE ADDRESS ON???) and a hoover gone pfft (good excuse to get a bagless one, emptying them is nasty but at least you don't have to have an eidetic memory for which of the 50000000 practically identical but actually incompatible bags you have to buy).
Apparently one is supposed to feel all cathartic and calm and lord of infinite space with a clean house, but I just feel knackered and resentful. (And I know that the house is still cluttered by the standards of a neat freak with a cleaner, [let alone all the decorating that still needs doing] but FUCK IT, I'M NOT DOING ANY MORE BASTARD TIDYING, I still have to clean the bathroom and make three beds.) What a waste of life! And then I'm supposed to cook for the buggers as well, and like, go out and spend time with them, when I just want to SLEEP.

And I've just finished the last of the chocolate vodka.
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I'd forgotten how maddening it is getting new glasses adjusted. I wish the shop-workers would believe me when I say "I know the arms are wonky horizontally, that's because my ears are a bit wonky; they look fine on my face. All that needs adjusting are the pads". Nooooo, she know better, twists the arms, and then I point out that the specs are now freakishly crooked and could she change them back please and get on with the aspect that is actually causing a problem?
(This is particularly odd because my face is no more asymmetrical than anybody else's, AFAICT; surely they deal with this all the time?)
So now they look OK, they aren't sliding down my nose every five seconds, but the left arm is giving me a headache so I'll have to have that one bent outwards and the right one bent inwards and doubtless that'll cause something else go to go out of whack... what with the faff and the price tag, it's no wonder I leave it too long between new pairs.

All this for something that looks virtually identical to the old pair. I do quite like the trendy narrrow kind with the thick arms, but the lenses are only about half an inch high- that'd drive me nuts, to always be aware of the edge of my field of vision.

(How expensive is it these days for the kind of contact lenses that can cope with astigmatism, I wonder.)


Mar. 16th, 2006 05:57 pm
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I realise that although I sit at a desk all day, I actually don't do huge amounts of typing normally. Get a project that wants to be finished and type for 3 hours solid? Aches occur. Also many more typoes than usual. Next time, it will be broken down into snippets no matter how much it protests. (Hnih, hnih, hnih.)
Also have forgotten to eat lunch. Weird.

I never realised how many totally different things could be meant by a sound that- just phonetically- I'd write "aah". Using that every time would be both monotonous and confusing. I think I used ah, aah, oh, ohh, aargh, eurgh- even phew, oof and hmmm- to convey the content. With and without exclamation marks.
"No, not "Ahhhh!", actually."
Sorry. Old Lee and Herring running gag, the thought of which has been making me smile.)

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