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So: [ profile] sigmonster was here for the weekend and we did quite enough DIY for my liking, thank you very much. My ridiculously cheap giant swivelly chair works again, which is spiffing.
Also I have been to see Yeomen of the Guard and frankly I reckon there must have been Victorian girls writing fixit fic when it first came out (there are two heroines- one of them gets a dashing soldier and the other one (spoiler!) is blackmailed into marrying a torturer; WS Gilbert at his charming best there. No terribly memorable tunes, either.)

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It looks from Emma Kennedy's tweets that This Is Jinsy is getting a series- yay.

In other TV news...
There's a series, right, that I'm really really liking and would love to read fic for. It's not terribly surprising, because it ticks an awful lot of my boxes; there's a male double-act who are really comfortable with each other (and cute), and it's set at a theatre- they get in current comedy groups to do a sketch (Pappy's and Idiots of Ants have both been on), and then there are backstage antics as well, and then on top of that they do another layer of backstageness like pointing out when sombody's had to have his lines written on a board. And the writers keep doing homages to the 1948 Show/Python custard pie comedy lecture sketch, and the Adam and Joe soft toy film sketches, and so forth. It's just silly, and great fun, and very very slashable.

And um. Look, it's Dick and Dom's Funny Business, OK? I just- when Dick kissed Dom's finger better in the latest episode, I just knew that for most of the sketch shows I like, there would have been a kink meme set up before the episode finished showing, and I was saddened. (I may have watched all of The Legend of Dick and Dom episodes on iPlayer in an attempt to desadden. You can't prove anything.)

I'm sure that there's a lot of other people who love this. It's just that they're all under twelve and fairly unlikely to be writing the sort of stories I'm after...
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An interesting post about last week's Sherlock on legionseagle's journal (spoilers!) led to a discussion of what AUs would have resulted from the original Holmes short stories not existing, and this thought of marinarusalka's would be amazing. Anyone know any mystery writers accepting plotbunnies???

"Okay, now I'm imagining Christie coming up with the "English cozy" version of the urban fantasy mysteries that are popular today. Instead of a tattooed punk half-elf psychic detective with a vampire sidekick solving murders in a large US city, we get a nice half-elf spinster lady solving murders in a small English village. I'm kinda sorry that didn't happen."

(I'd love it if this had become a genre that split, as cozies have done, into fluffy end of police procedural (DI's best friend is the grumpy elf police surgeon, embittered by death of his human wife), semi-realistic but with quipping (Charlotte Macleod's Peter Shandy series if Profesor Svenson was an actual mountain troll!), extra cute with recipes (heroine's mom is always sending her lembas)... there are already psychic cat mysteries which would need hardly any retrofitting- The Kneazle Who Smelt A Rat, anyone?)


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