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In fact I'm not sure it actually exists. What rational broadcasting system would introduce an A-versus-B challenge on its children's slot by having A and B explaining that they've been friends ever since they were eggs, and illustrate this with a clip of two eggs (with eyes) kissing, with "Lovin' You" playing in the background, and then crushing themselves?

(NB video also features giggling puppeteers, an apple made from bacon fat, caster sugar and the broken dreams of a Chilean bean farmer, competitive toilet-roll-unrolling, and very unconvincing caveman wigs. I think I must have hallucinated it.)

"Dear Points of View, I think the license fee is far too low. I would gladly sell my house and all its contents to pay for the BBC. Aaaaargh! *falls out of window*"

*watches some more*
oh god bungalow reference, oh god sausages, they are trying to kill me, send floppy-haired geordie detectives at once.
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Sometimes everyone needs a friend just to tell them that everything's going to be OK. Or that there will be a new pixie in the eye of heaven.

(It's a pretty good clip right from the start, actually, as Ian's wig falls off and Dom stomps on furniture...)
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All right, look, this is Dick and Dom, but it's not slashy- it's just one of the wierdest fucking things I've ever seen. It's a surprise the cow only looks sarcastic, I'd have thought she'd be apopleptic...

(The CBBC continuity links with Dick, Dom and Dodge the Dog have been taken down off Youtube. TRAGEDY.)
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So in glvalentine's Emmys post, there was a picture of Cat Deeley, and I got all nostalgic and went on youtube. Besides finding that there's a suspiciously large number of clips called "[female celebrity] in leather trousers", my conclusions are:
Wasn't SM:TV good? Remember Chums?
Weren't PJ and Duncan shit?
... SM:TV started in 1998? What the hell was I doing watching it? Childish to a fault, I guess.
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I've realised that although I've gushed in person about Horrible Histories I've never linked any of the sketches to try and convert my flist! (UK readers will already be well aware of it and will OF COURSE be fans already, yes? So you can skip to the last two links which are very amusing fanvids.)

My two favourite songs, from a very strong list of contenders:
Literally: heavy metal vikings
Born 2 Rule: boyband King Georges

I really like the TV genre parodies, like the over-excitable news presenter, Bob Hale, here with the Pharoah report, or Historical Masterchef; and the Shouty Man ads, like this for an amazing cleaning device. But really all the sketches are good. (Photo story rendition of the wedding of Bloody Mary and Philip of Spain).

Aaand the fanvids! One, two.

Watch, watch!
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So: [ profile] sigmonster was here for the weekend and we did quite enough DIY for my liking, thank you very much. My ridiculously cheap giant swivelly chair works again, which is spiffing.
Also I have been to see Yeomen of the Guard and frankly I reckon there must have been Victorian girls writing fixit fic when it first came out (there are two heroines- one of them gets a dashing soldier and the other one (spoiler!) is blackmailed into marrying a torturer; WS Gilbert at his charming best there. No terribly memorable tunes, either.)

Dick & Dom: tinhattery )
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It looks from Emma Kennedy's tweets that This Is Jinsy is getting a series- yay.

In other TV news...
There's a series, right, that I'm really really liking and would love to read fic for. It's not terribly surprising, because it ticks an awful lot of my boxes; there's a male double-act who are really comfortable with each other (and cute), and it's set at a theatre- they get in current comedy groups to do a sketch (Pappy's and Idiots of Ants have both been on), and then there are backstage antics as well, and then on top of that they do another layer of backstageness like pointing out when sombody's had to have his lines written on a board. And the writers keep doing homages to the 1948 Show/Python custard pie comedy lecture sketch, and the Adam and Joe soft toy film sketches, and so forth. It's just silly, and great fun, and very very slashable.

And um. Look, it's Dick and Dom's Funny Business, OK? I just- when Dick kissed Dom's finger better in the latest episode, I just knew that for most of the sketch shows I like, there would have been a kink meme set up before the episode finished showing, and I was saddened. (I may have watched all of The Legend of Dick and Dom episodes on iPlayer in an attempt to desadden. You can't prove anything.)

I'm sure that there's a lot of other people who love this. It's just that they're all under twelve and fairly unlikely to be writing the sort of stories I'm after...
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Black Cinderella II Goes East is on Youtube.

No, really, Black Cinderella II Goes East is on Youtube. !!!OMG eee!!!

(For those who haven't spent as many idle hours wishing this would ever get repeated as I have: a panto, produced by Douglas Adams, written by Clive Anderson, starring most of the I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again cast not to mention Peter Cook... apparently it isn't actually quite as amazing as it should be, but I don't care; listening to it will be the perfect Christmas present to myself.)

Oh, and did y'all know that BBC4's doing Dirk Gently? My geek runneth over.
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Something interesting appears in Twitter feed shock... new video for Proud Of The BBC. Love the ending.
(Also I'm not sure I'd caught the "Ben and Xander, Rob and Dave" line before!)
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November books
Read more... )

[1]Yes, I know. But Grant and Naylor being interviewed by Titchmarsh in 1991, covered in polystyrene snow! So sweet, Doug's rabbit-in-the-headlights stare and Rob's huge glasses and and and Doug saying Rimmer and Lister are based on "our worst qualities- well, Rob's best qualities" and sweet... and their commentaries on that, and on The End and Bodysnatchers! "I liked this, a whodunnit when there's only two of them." ... "We could've done it, it would've been cheap to film except for burning Craig."
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Pappy's Fun Club )
Short version: Loved it.

Ross Noble (Things tour)
You know how Ross Noble is? Stream-of-consciousness mentalness until you can't breathe from laughing? Like that.
A few of the bits that spun out of audience interactions )
Also, my internal monologue sounded Geordie for a good couple of hours after coming out.

[1] No, with a U. Jeez. As in Rich "Script, what script" Fulcher.
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These notes aren't completely in order, and the quotes aren't verbatim. Also, they may make no sense. Also, they contain unpleasant concepts.
Also, don't bother to read unless you're an L&H fan, as it will be very boring for you.
(First part on YouTube.) Warning, gnats' chuffs. )
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I have started some blackberry gin ("Blackberries, meet gin; gin, meet blackberries. May I introduce you to some sugar?") I swear the brambles are getting more vicious as the season goes on. *counts scratches* 27- that's just the ones on my hands large enough to see as they're poised on the keys. Didn't get nettlestung, at least.
I went to the Saltaire Festival on Saturday- I didn't have long, but I've made a mental note to go for the day next year; it's huge. There was a music stage and jewellery stalls and an organic vegetable show and bag stalls and children's entertainment and an arts trail and jam stalls and a tombola and a funfair and second hand book stalls, and I missed the organ recital and the quiz and the model railway exhibition and the fashion show. Lunch shouldn't be a problem; there were bratwurst and meringues, deep-fried octopus and turkish delight, bigos and churros, baguettes, curry, noodles, crepes, salami... (What there wasn't was candied fruit.)
Anyway, it was fun. I then dashed into town to do vital shopping like socks, and had a bite, and went to see some comedy (you're surprised I'd do something out of character like that, aren't you?) )
I'd had a spare copy of The Eye of Argon kicking around, and I know Ince collects bad books, so I took it along in case I could catch him on the way out, having fangirled him before and knowing he didn't bite; so I did, hope he survives it. He recommended Lint to me, which is apparently a biography of a fictitious pulp author. It sounds good, I'll try and pick it up at some point.

Choir starts again tonight, so I'm just hangin' around and waitin' to go. I hope it's something decent.

Random linkage: Vic and Bob promoting Big Night Out on Jonathan Ross in 1991 by being completely adorable (especially Bob).
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"You clip it to your earlobe, it's like a cross between a mushroom and a double-decker bus."
([ profile] thymeth linked to this HIGNFY clip for reasons of seeing Hugh Dennis talk about putting his head between Will Self's legs, but Paul Merton's not on bad form either. Also, Deayton wins "terrible pun of the Nineties" award.)
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Comment on this post and I will pick seven of your interests. You then explain them in your journal and re-post.

[ profile] kattahj picked these:

fist of fun, flanders and swann, isihac, isirta, making light, the right size, vic and bob )


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