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There was a wren in the garden this morning!

Went to see Opera North's Figaro last night, which was excellent- go if it comes to your city and you like opera at all, lovely set design/staging, funny (the "This is my mother? Oh God, really?" scene was excellent), good acting, good singing, a great time all round. Reminded of how much I love the trios and quartets.

There was a televised Figaro in English in the nineties which was fun, with the Count as a nasty Tory MEP, which I was pleased to find on youtube when i came home and wanted to see the opera all over again. (I must admit I slightly want to get Mark off of Mark Does Stuff to watch it to see him getting agitated about what a privileged git the Count is!)
( from Glydebourne, in Italian, with subtitles)

I finally browsed through this year's Yuletide fics; here are the ones I liked enough to keep.
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Because I downloaded a bunch of fic yesterday in preparation for going away next weekend, have some recs from Yuletide 2013! (They're mostly 1-2,000 words or so; they tend to the funny or fluffy rather than angsty but check each one's own tags if you're feeling fragile.)
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I didn't mention when it was on how much I liked Holy Flying Circus, did I? Well it was excellent. And these two Yuletide fics based on it are both excellent as well.
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If there were someone who knew Doctor Who but had never seen any Troughton era, what would be a good thing to show them?
(Free LJ can't cope with polls)
Mind Robber (Disadvantages: that episode without Frazer. Advantages: crazy in the good way, That Catsuit.)
Tomb Of The Cybermen (Disadvantages: Zoeless, [1] extreme race fail, cybermats. Advantages: the Doctor doing Skience with levers, quite fun.)
Invasion (Disadvantages: Animated episodes may be a problem, long. Advantages: Unit being awesome, Zoe being awesome.)
Web of Fear (Disadvantages: hahahaha foam. I can't actually remember this one much, maybe it was boring? Advantages: It would be a surprise to rewatch.)
Some episodes from Lost In Time. (Disadvantages: Some people like narrative, apparently. Advantages: Jamie in black leather.)

[1]Sorry, Victoria fans. Although I'm happy to concede she isn't nearly as useless as Polly, possibly the companion who originated all the cliches about the girls just being there to fall over and scream.

Also: An Outside Context Fic. Gen. About 300 words.
(A/N: Oh all right, the context is this madwoman's epic in progress with Derren Brown as the Doctor's companion, and my noticing that Brown has a skill in common with Sylvester McCoy.)

The Tardis had settled on one of the most boring planets the Doctor could remember; no humanoids, no intelligent squid, no sapient shrubs- the brightest things around seemed to be inch-long insects, and they ignored everything unless it produced nectar.
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