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Incoherent glee noises.

[ profile] sigmonster and our parent were here at the weekend and put on a new toilet seat for me. Oh, and we walked a lot (well, a lot for me)- a circular walk from a microbrew pub one day (rare breed sheep, a ford, a wobbling stile, a headwind that pushed my hat brim over my nose for about a mile, a clapper bridge, bilberries, and surprisingly little mud); the next day, ice-cream and a farmer's market in Settle, industrial archaeology at the Ribblehead viaduct, and deliberately walking to a cave and then not going into it. Plus we ate apple pancakes and a non-barbeque. It was lovely. And my joints didn't even hurt afterwards.
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Self: Hey, you've made soy yogurt palatable.
Brother: It's the crapload of black pepper.
Self: ... metric or imperial crapload?
Brother: Do you know, you're the second person who's asked me that.
(But vouchsafed no reply, so I will have to experiment. After all, the metric crapload is only 1.247 times the size of the imperial, so it shouldn't be too far wrong either way.)

Have had a very good weekend so far. And still another day spare, yay bank holidays.
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Went to a garden show at an English Heritage-run stately home called Wrest Park today. I only got a scented leafed geranium for my room, but the others got a lot of herbs, shrubs, steel ducks... the house isn't open to the public, but we also had a quick wander rouns the grounds- into a folly from 1709 with lots of spiral staircases, through a shrubbery with lots of avenues terminating in statues, and down to a lake with a swan and her cygnets, what we're pretty sure were some otters, and huuuuge black fish eating the water-lilies. It was threatening to rain but never did, and in fact there were sufficient "sunny intervals" that I think I've caught the sun on my nose. A very nice day.

Must stop blogging with one hand and eating with the other (will pick up a book in spare hand instead). Will merely note that having a wee glass of wine helps neither my spelling nor my tendency to use run-on sentences with oodles of brackets. Cheers!
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Did you know there was a Canary Wharf Comedy Club? I did not. Until I found out, obviously. It is not the sort of place one intuitively associates with having a good old laugh.

It was a peculiar evening. The whole of Docklands is odd, of course, having all been built in the last 20 years (maybe even 10) on redundant docks. It looks like a cross between New York and nowhere at all. The scale of everything is wrong: buildings too tall, but not tall enough to be skyscrapers; roads too wide, but not wide enough to be boulevards. The thoroughfares go into/through buildings in a disconcerting manner. In a film I think it would be the sort of creepy futuristic place that you're supposed to think is a utopia but it turns out by a not-hidden-well-enough twist to be full of brain-sucked clones or something. Or maybe I just thought that because of all the people in suits. It's also very un-Londony, and indeed un-English, in a way that even the utterly characterless edge-of-town office parks aren't. I couldn't find many pictures of it from ground level (lots of impressive skyline ones, eg on Wikipedia) but here's one.
One good thing about the area is it's very easy to leave. Nice conspicuous tube stations, nice quick line. (Yes, railway persons in my readership, the DLR is whizzy too.)

The club night was in one of those corporate venues like a conference room in a hotel, but with an enormously high ceiling which I think would overpower almost any event, and certainly did comedy no favours. Tiny review-ette ) You could get a pie delivered at the interval! I think this is a brilliant innovation and should be taken up by other venues. I did not have a pie. I feel smug, yet wistful.


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