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Dashed down to London on Friday, nice meal with A, didn't nab any of his music but did borrow a book and get given a Dalek bottle-opener (er, thanks). Saturday, walked myself and N. (American, doing a semester in Spain and having a weekend in the UK) off our feet; Camden markets, Harrod's food hall (which caused bogglement), a weeny bit of the V&A, Kensington Gardens, and an Italian lunch at about 2 o'clock ("It's not that Spanish food isn't nice, it's just that they don't really do anything else there.")- then N. and [personal profile] sigmonster went on to Borough Market and the Tate Modern, while I zoomed off to get the train back in hopes of getting to Leeds for 7.50 and dashing up to the Carriageworks to see Mitch Benn at 8. Well, the train only broke down for half an hour, so I got thhere in time for a bit of the first half of the set and all of the second, and it was ace- of the ones I hadn't heard before, I particularly liked "officially the rudest song ever heard on Radio 4", Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation, and Proud Of The BBC, which will be out as a single in a couple of weeks (*makes mental note*). Also, the one about political parties stealing each others' clothes, in which everyone in the band dashed round swapping instruments. The drummer having a go as lead guitarist was particularly funny.

It was brilliant to see N., we caught up a lot. I also sneakily suggested a longer visit in a summer vacation (but preferably not 2012.)


Mar. 30th, 2006 02:49 pm
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Well, clearly the thing to do with annoyances is blog about them. The cold's a lot better today (must be a 48-hour virus rather than a fortnight's one)- go, immune system, go- and the DVD turned up, yay. ({Thinks}. Still not a millionaire, damn!)

I've walked along Elvaston Place hundreds of times. Decided to go down the Mews for a change today. There's a stable down there. A livery stables, even. In a mews. That's proper, innit? I do like London. There's just so much stuff here that quite a lot of it is bound to be cool.


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