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Saw Dara O'Briain last week: still excellent.

B and JB have been here for the weekend; am tempted to say "Christ, I'm glad to see the back of them" as B reads this, but will resist. Did various things like local shopping and going out for a curry, also went over to Ingleton on Sunday and walked partway up White Scar, coming back by way of Settle, with views of the Ribblehead viaduct and Pen-y-Ghent. Amazingly beautiful, clear, bright blue skies, snow everywhere but not very cold; sat on a rock halfway up the hill eating lunch and texting people to say we were doing so. Drove into a snowfall coming home.

(This entry brought to you by the Society For The Encouragment Of The Heavy Use Of The Semicolon, apparently.)
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It started raining hard on my way home yesterday as well, but the sun was still out as well, so I looked for the rainbow... and there were oodles of them. A double rainbow in the sky (and the lower one had an inverted bow as well) and more in the spray thrown up by cars. Amazing. And the angle of the sun was just right for the raindrops in the air to reflect back light, so it looked like the sky was full of golden specks. I stood under a bus shelter grinning like a loon. (Then the sun went in and I dashed home.)

Went to see Then There Were None at the Grand- we all made noises on the way out like "Well, you don't expect a Christie to be cutting edge" and "It was fun, anyway" and "Nice set" and "Could you remember who did it?". The theatre does ginger and honey icecream, yum.

There's supposed to be a work barbequeue this afternoon. It's looking a bit soggy for that, to me.


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