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I came through a door earlier and thought I'd walked into a piece of performance art; there were a bunch of people all standing still in peculiar attitudes for a second- then one of them finished texting and another reached round to the zip of her backpack, and so on. It was cool, though.
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I passed a busker this morning. He was playing La Bamba on an electric harp. (Not a lap-harp. A full size one.)

BBC7 is repeating The Remains of Foley and McColl starting tonight. Somewhat miffed because I won't be able to record any of them (that whole things-in-boxes problem), but I'll listen to them on Listen Again, and so should you, because they're good. They're full'o'crunchy meta, do radio-based jokes rather than being a TV show in waiting, also (most importantly) are funny.

Enjoyed Old Red Rope on Monday night- none of the acts hugely memorable, though, except Robin Ince.

I did myself a little list of things to put in this post. It went "harp, Foley & McColl, Monday", which reminds me of a list in Always Coming Home- I can't remember all of it, but part of it's something like
"A list of things that will be needed two weeks from now.
Certain prickly seeds
Stones with conical depressions in them
A young donkey
and there isn't any context to it. Just a nice thing to wonder about.
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"And to deflate a Dalek you have to lie on it, which you don't necessarily want to be seen doing..."
"I really don't want that fisherman knowing where I live."
"Yeah, the universe is still under my desk, we're trying to work out what do do with it, we don't want to break it up."

I'm going to miss my colleagues.


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