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Incoherent glee noises.

[ profile] sigmonster and our parent were here at the weekend and put on a new toilet seat for me. Oh, and we walked a lot (well, a lot for me)- a circular walk from a microbrew pub one day (rare breed sheep, a ford, a wobbling stile, a headwind that pushed my hat brim over my nose for about a mile, a clapper bridge, bilberries, and surprisingly little mud); the next day, ice-cream and a farmer's market in Settle, industrial archaeology at the Ribblehead viaduct, and deliberately walking to a cave and then not going into it. Plus we ate apple pancakes and a non-barbeque. It was lovely. And my joints didn't even hurt afterwards.


May. 4th, 2010 04:23 pm
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I stopped off at Sheffield for an hour on the way and there was a French-ish market, which was nice. Saw lots of friends-of-parents, [1] did workshops on humour (the ones Colin organised I tended to know as much as the speaker, but there were some terrific practical ones by guest leaders on Shakespeare, stand-up and music hall), wimped out of party games in favour of sleep but stayed up for stunt night, walked about a mile and a half (the slightly bigger triangle, via Grindlow), drank very little but ate a lot (I think every meal was a three-course one), was the only person who skived off to watch Doctor Who(!) [2], didn't volunteer for anything at the AGM, sang a bit, and altogether it was very fellowshippy and we all had fun. The next one sounds interesting too but the venue is more difficult to get to without a car, apparently.

I may have half-promised to go to the Music Society weekend in August.

(Anybody who may care about specifics of 'oo did what to 'oo, please ask. I will say that Jimmy Timiny does very good deadpan and Josh H's rabbit impression was inspiring.)

[1] One "You look just like your mother", and also someone who'd gone on walking trips from London and had hospitality at Tenterden. (Did Grandad do ghostwriting? It wouldn't surprise me but I hadn't heard it before.)

[2] Loved the opening, liked the Doctor's teenage panic at the end, bits inbetween OK as well.


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