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My broadband stopped working yesterday, so I rang up today and got it sorted out quite quickly. Here is a little space for you to guess why the wireless was connecting but I couldn't actually open any websites:

If you guessed that I had changed the password on the email account that comes with the broadband, and therefore I needed to to also change it on my router settings, well done! Can you please use your magic powers of Virgin Media intuition to explain to me why it waited two weeks after the change to stop working with the old password?
(I think I know the explanation for why the password change page didn't mention that you would have to change your router settings as well: 0845 broadband helpline going to an Indian call centre. But perhaps I am too cynical about that nice Sir Richard's business practices.)
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So: [ profile] sigmonster was here for the weekend and we did quite enough DIY for my liking, thank you very much. My ridiculously cheap giant swivelly chair works again, which is spiffing.
Also I have been to see Yeomen of the Guard and frankly I reckon there must have been Victorian girls writing fixit fic when it first came out (there are two heroines- one of them gets a dashing soldier and the other one (spoiler!) is blackmailed into marrying a torturer; WS Gilbert at his charming best there. No terribly memorable tunes, either.)

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Sweet god WHAT? Vampire Diaries synopses, discussed.
(My policy of not reading a book that looks as if it might be a supernatural romance unless I already trust the author has just paid off bigtime, because I had not even heard of these books. Tree penis WHAT.)

(Can I say, because I don't think I commented in my last book post, how good Brennan's Demon's Lexicon was? She did not pull any shit like blood-vomiting crows, and if she HAD, it would not have been funny unless she meant it to be.)


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